the Hope of Survivors

Board of Directors & Volunteers

Board of Directors (click on their names for more information)

Steve Nelson (since 12/02)—President, Board Chairman, Ordained Pastor, Board Certified Biblical Counselor (BCBC) & Certified Belief Therapist (CBT)

Samantha Nelson (since 12/02)—Vice President & CEO, Board Certified Biblical Counselor (BCBC) & Certified Belief Therapist (CBT)

Martin Weber, D.Min. (since 4/08)—Director; Board Chairman Emeritus (9/09-1/13, and 1/17-10/17); Chaplain at Hospice of Tabitha

Shyleene Rosado (since 4/07)—Director; Latino Division Vice President/Victim Support Services/Board Member (1/13-Present)

Renée Battle Brooks (since 10/15)—Director; Assistant State’s Attorney for Prince George’s County, Maryland

Board Meeting 2015
The Hope of SurvivorsBoard Meeting in San Antonio, TX, in 2015. (Shown left to right: Ray Hartwell (Chairman), Jeanne Hartwell, Robert Peck, Steven Grabiner, Martin Weber, Jennifer Schwirzer, Steve Nelson, Samantha Nelson, Madeline Roll (Australia), Coralie Roll (Australia) and Wendy Schwitzer (Canada))
THOS Volunteer Appreciation Dinner March 2008
The Hope of Survivors Volunteer Appreciation Dinner (March 2008)

Advisory Panel

Tom Lemon (since 2/04)—Board Chairman Emeritus (2007-2009); Member Advisory Panel

Sandy Kirkham (since 8/06)—Member Advisory Panel; Victim Support Services

Jennifer Jill Schwirzer, LPC (since 9/07)—Director (2007-2016); Licensed Professional Counselor; Member Advisory Panel

Ted Vanderlaan (since 8/11)—Director (2008-2011); Board Chairman Emeritus (2013-2014); Member Advisory Panel, Attorney

Volunteer Staff

Robert & Debbie Withrow (since 2/04)—Accounting

Peggy & Dave Mahrt (since 5/05)—PR/Marketing

Gail Jenkins (since 8/10)—Victim Support Services

Mary Jo Noworyta (since 3/14)—Victim Spport Services; PR/Marketing

Sandra Barrera (since 1/16)—Child Victim Support Services

Jena Kilmer (since 2/16)—Victim Support Services; Norwegian Division

Tammy Landry (since 3/16)—Victim Support Services

Shirah Martinez (since 5/16)—PR/Marketing

Merlyn Matthews (since 7/16)—Victim Support Services

Kyoko Sears (since 10/17)—PR/Fundraising

Tracye Brewer (7/13-7/14 and 11/17-Present)—Exhibitor/Speaker

Latino Division Volunteer Staff

Shyleene Rosado (since 4/07)—Vice President; Victim Support Services (Latino Division)

David Pollock (since 7/15)—Marketing (Latino Division)

Angelica Pollock (since 7/15)—Law & Victim Resources (Latino Division)

Yesenia Elias (since 7/15)—Social Media (Latino Division)

Sandra Barrera (since 1/16)—Child Victim Support Services

Australia Division Volunteer Staff

Coralie Roll (since 1/06)—Board Member; Administration

Arlagene Groves (since 4/07)—Board Member; Victim Support Services

Darren Tappouras (since 10/11)—Board Member; Accountant

Romania Division Volunteer Staff

Maria Simionca (since 3/13)—Board Member; Administration

Cecilia Calin (since 3/13)—Accountant

Laura Fierbinteanu (since 12/13)—Board Member; Victim Support Services (Romania)

South Africa Division Volunteer Staff


UK Division Volunteer Staff

Michael & Molly Walker (since 2/18)—Victim Support Services

Trinidad-Tobago Division Volunteer Staff

Afryea Charles (since 2/18)—Victim Support Services

Pastors' Wives Division Volunteer Staff

Jackie Jeldwyn (since 7/17)—Pastors' Wives Support Services

Sarah McDugal (since 9/17)—Pastors' Wives Support Services

Canadian Division Volunteer Staff

Leif Koester (since 10/17)—Vice President; Victim Support Services

Theresa MacMaster (since 2/18)—Accountant

Reema Sukumaran (since 2/18)—Ambassador for THOS-CA

Nina Lim (since 4/18)—Victim Support Services

Philippines Division Volunteer Staff


Prayer Warriors

Dana Wimmer (since 10/17)

The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart...Psalms 34:18