the Hope of Survivors

Pastors' Wives' Testimonies

You are here at this site because you are suffering from a myriad of feelings—the anguish of betrayal or other mistreatment, perhaps mingled with shame, guilt, or remorse. You want to be set free. We sympathize with your pain. We’ve been there. We can help.

Although you may feel isolated and terribly depressed, maybe even abandoned by God and everyone else, please remember that you are NOT alone. You are NOT the first one to be grievously mistreated by your pastor-husband. You can take the necessary steps to recover and restore your relationship with God. You can be WHOLE and WELL again. There is HOPE for a new beginning and a new life in Christ.

Below are some links to other survivor’s stories. Read them and weep, but also rejoice, for these one-time victims are now living full, happy lives, and the best part is—YOU CAN TOO!

Purpose Beyond the Pain—A Pastor's Wife's testimony

I Think It's My Turn to Shed the Mask—Sarah McDugal

My Journey of Trust—Eve

Love That Lasts—Forever Beloved

#ChurchToo: Christian Victims of Abuse Join Social Media Outpouring—Hayley Gleeson, ABC News-Australia

If your pastor husband has been unfaithful (including through porn!) and/or otherwise abusive or ensnared by sin, we would be grateful to hear your story and possibly make it available on this website for others to read and renew their hope. We recommend that stories be under a pseudonym or anonymous, and constructed to avoid openly identifying any specific pastor/pastor family. You may rest assured that all personal information will be kept private and strictly confidential. Please contact us.

Please note: We do not necessarily agree with or endorse all the information contained in the pastors’ wives’ stories. We do, however, feel they have some valuable information that could be useful to you in your recovery. It helps to know you’re not alone, that others have shared your pain and have healed, by the grace of God, in their own time and way.


The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart...Psalms 34:18