the Hope of Survivors

Andrea & Anthony Shipwright

Andrea & Anthony ShipwrightAnthony and Andrea have been married since 1998 and a couple since 1992. They have two adult sons and a daughter in grade school. They became Christians in 2008.

Andrea has held administrative roles in the church and has been heavily involved in church activities. Anthony is a youth worker for all of the churches in town. He runs Christian clubs in four local primary schools, and leads a mentoring group for youngsters who have difficult lives at home. He also runs a very popular youth club, which is open to all youth in town. Anthony & Andrea also hold small groups in their home to educate young people so that they may know the Lord and all he has for them.

They are passionate about using their experience of both adult and childhood Clergy Sexual Abuse to give support to others who have experienced it. They are based in the UK where there is little support available locally. They have both had experiences in their younger years too, which gives them a real insight into how people can be vulnerable to abuse and the after effects of it.

The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart...Psalms 34:18