the Hope of Survivors

Beryl Nyamwange

Beryl NyamwangeBeryl Nyamwange loves Jesus! She’s passionate about telling others of the Savior who loves us. Beryl is currently studying towards a PhD in Communication with Regent University, Virginia Beach, USA. She and her beloved husband Joseph have been privileged to serve as missionaries in several countries in Africa and have traveled widely in other continents.

During these service opportunities, Beryl has come to realize how God has very often sent her young and middle-aged women to speak with her about matters of deep concern. She believes that God has called her to share His words of wisdom with these precious hearts that He brings along her life’s pathway.  

Recently, Beryl found herself engaged in a providential conversation with a friend, and God has used that moment to bring her into The Hope of Survivors. The author of “100 Days on the High Mountains of Character”, an avid reader and a passionate writer, she has penned over three thousand poems, and thousands of other devotionals which God places in her heart to encourage others.

Beryl loves her kitchen, and is passionate about healthy living: making smoothies, juices, healthy treats and good meals for her family and anyone who comes through the open doors of their home.

Natives of Kenya, Beryl and her husband Joe currently live in the beautiful city of Cape Town in a suburb where they are privileged to watch squirrels steal from their garden and listen to the birds sing as the flowers blossom, as they see the majestic Table Mountain through their home windows.

The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart...Psalms 34:18