the Hope of Survivors

Jackie Jeldwyn (my “ministry name”)

Jackie JeldwynAs a pastor’s wife desiring to better equip myself toward helping the hurting, I was privileged to first meet Samantha at a “Crisis Intervention” seminar during the 2006 Women of Spiritual Praise Conference in Thompsonville, Illinois, where The Hope of Survivors had an exhibit. Other topics at the Conference included sexual purity in our unholy world; sexual addictions; ministering to those who have experienced various abuses, substance addictions, etc.

Ironically, I still had my notes from those seminars, when less than five years later, my family—and consequently our small congregation—would be devastated by my husband’s surrender to sin. Never then did I imagine that God would turn that life-altering tragedy into this encouraging opportunity to comfort and support other pastors’ wives whose husbands have also given in to our adversary.  

I am pleased to be serving as a member of The Hope of Survivors team.  If your husband is a pastor who has become ensnared by sin, we are respectfully here for you.

The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart...Psalms 34:18