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Sarah McDugal

Sarah McDugalWe welcome Sarah McDugal to The Hope of Survivors Pastors' Wives Division!

Sarah is a branding strategist, published author, speaker, former pastor’s wife, and homeschooling mother of two. An entrepreneur in branding and media production, she has a master’s degree in International Development, and is a certified coach with Abide Counseling.

Sarah experienced 13 years of abusive marriage to a pastor/narcissist/sex addict, before his choices tore their ministry and family apart. After divorce, she and her children survived joblessness, homelessness, health challenges, and the intensive process of counseling and therapy on the path toward a new life after dreams turned to ashes. During this time woman after woman in similar situations found her and began to ask about her story.

With trepidation, she began to follow God’s call to share her journey of healing and to speak out about abuse, especially to the wives and victims of spiritual leaders. She started the Underground Sisterhood, a confidential secret Facebook support group for those seeking help, and was inundated with women who needed help.

She is passionate about helping women find freedom from abuse and let God bring them peace and healing, and educating leaders to more effectively handle abusive situations to avoid misrepresenting Jesus or endangering victims.

Sarah loves reading, music, and international travel. She speaks, blogs and shares videos online at, and can be reached on facebook at

Sarah can be reached directly via email at

The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart...Psalms 34:18