the Hope of Survivors

Faith & Fidelity Conference Attendee Testimonials

“The seminar was excellent! Steve and Martin did a terrific job. Our pastors verbally expressed their appreciation of our having Steve come and deal with this subject. They were also happy to learn of the recovery resources available. I will be happy to write a letter of recommendation for the seminar. May God richly bless you and Steve and your ministry this new year.”—Bob Peck, V.P. for Admin., IA-MO Conference 

“I was just at a pastor's meetings in Iowa and heard Steve Nelson speak. He presented a video of his and Samantha's story [Call It Anything But Love!]. I, like all those who witnessed it, was touched to my soul. I was wondering if it would be possible to get a copy of that video? I had no idea of the amount of abuse that is in churches, and I think I could use it greatly in my ministry. Thank you for your ministry and your devotion to helping the hopeless and weary.”—Pastor Henton, MO 

“The dialog, openness, respectful ease and professional presenters were refreshing!”—Pastor Wolfe, MO 

“Thank you very much! I appreciated the information and especially the open and sincere approach.”—Anonymous Pastor 

“It was awesome and covered all the bases!”—Pastor Knobloch, MO 

“It was well-balanced and covered a number of facets and other issues.”—Pastor Carner, MO 

“I feel a DVD on this topic presented to every church would help safeguard both members and pastors.”—Pastor Perricellia, IA 

“Everything was well presented and well organized. Good information and material. Thanks for coming and giving us your testimonies.”—Pastor Rodriguez, IA

“We had very positive feedback from the attendees, thank you for coming. Continue doing your ministry, it is greatly needed. It is not usual to get a victim’s perspective, that’s what sets you apart from others doing the same thing. God bless you richly as you continue to serve Him in this vital area.”—Ramiro Cano, Executive Secretary, Central California Conference

“Whenever you are constantly in different situations, counseling members of the opposite sex, these are instances where your words, expressions and counsel may be misunderstood. More than hope and encouragement, it [the conference] has given me wonderful wisdom and counsel as to how we may avoid misunderstandings and avoid unnecessary situations.”—Pastor G. Garcia, CA

“Excellent material!”—Pastor F. Anderson, CA

“It [the conference] magnified the responsibility that we have as pastors. Keep it up! Lift your voices!”—Pastor D. Tello, CA

“The definition of terms [adultery, abuse, affair] helped my understanding. Your personal experiences made the presentation even more powerful.”—Pastor A. Cano, CA

“[The conference helped me] understand a woman’s point of view. This was excellent—God bless your ministry!”—Pastor F. Showalter, CA

“I learned a lot about “abuse” as opposed to “an affair.” Very good info. I would recommend this to all pastors/church leaders.”—Pastor, CA

“I appreciate what you have shared deeply. May God bless you.”—Pastor J. Aguilar, CA

“Thanks for sharing your journey, even though I know it is difficult. [The conference gave me a] heightened awareness of the damage to the victim.”—Pastor T. Garner, CA

“Just hearing the perspective of people who went through pain showed me how sexual misconduct can destroy.”—Pastor T. Barnes, CA

“I received an increased knowledge on the subject and I see how I can personally become more careful. It [the conference] was very well done. I appreciate your honesty, passion and spirituality.”—Pastor, CA

The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart...Psalms 34:18