the Hope of Survivors

A New Awakening—Shyleene Rosado, LPC, V.P. Latino Division

Shyleene & GuestEvery morning we wake up with new tasks or perhaps the need to finish many of them we’ve already started. As Christians, we seek to proclaim the message of God and His Word every morning. It is a new awakening, a new opportunity, that God gives us to talk to those around us of his love and hope for this world full of pain and sadness.

The Hope of Survivors proclaims this message of love and hope to victims of clergy sexual abuse. How does it? There are several ways. The one I am going to mention today is by participating in conventions like ASI.

This year, The Hope of Survivors once again was part of the ASI International Convention in Orlando, Florida, where we represented the Latino Division, La Esperanza de los Sobrevivientes. For those new readers, the purpose of ASI is to provide challenge, nurture and experience in sharing Christ in the Marketplace as well as to support the global mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This opportunity allowed us to provide information about clergy sexual abuse and prevention to persons that gathered at this event from all around the world.

Carlos RoseroThis was a new awakening for about 650 people who visited our booth. People were willing to listen openly about this problem, recognizing more than ever the urgent need to educate our youth, pastors and congregations in general, compared with previous years where people were very surprised or incredulous about sexual abuse by the pastor. These are some of the comments collected:

“This is information we will share in our church. Thank you for this message of hope.”—Canada

“We need to join forces to prevent this abuse from happening so often in churches, and so that this ministry can continue healing and saving hearts for God.”—Puerto Rico

“I thank God for the existence of this ministry. It touches me personally.”—FL

“It was my joy to know about your ministry and get acquainted. I look forward to contacting your ministry.”—MD

For me it is very clear that The Hope of Survivors/La Esperanza de los Sobrevivientes is harvesting fruits from great efforts to educate religious communities about this sad reality of clergy sexual abuse. But there is still much work to do.

Christ calls upon us to labor patiently and perseveringly for the thousands perishing in their sins, scattered in all lands, like wrecks on a desert shore. Those who share in Christ’s glory must share also in His ministry, helping the weak, the wretched, and the despondent.” (Testimony Treasures Volume 3, p. 299.2).

Only with the power of God, the Holy Spirit, and the help you give through prayer, donations and joining this ministry, will it be possible to continue to have a new awakening in our hearts in order to reach other fainting hearts. Will you accept the invitation of the Savior?

Note: Shyleene and her husband Carlos have been volunteering for The Hope of Survivors/La Esperanza de los Sobrevivientes since April 2007. We greatly appreciate their efforts to reach the Spanish-speaking communities and victims of clergy sexual abuse.

The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart...Psalms 34:18