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WestPoint and GYC Convention Updates—Gail & Elgin Jenkins

(From the April 2011 edition of HopeSpeak)

Elgin & Gail JenkinsAs we traveled, the Lord has given my husband, Elgin, and I many opportunities to share with others about the wonderful ministry The Hope of Survivors offers. We shared about the ministry with individuals we met on the plane, as well as with the hotel staff where we stayed. They are grateful to know about this ministry. Here is a brief summary of two recent trips we were blessed to take at the end 2010 to represent THOS. 

WestPoint 2010 

Elgin and I were blessed to represent The Hope of Survivors at this yearly gathering of pastors and ministry leaders in Agoura Hills, California. We set up our booth with the 2010 brochures, Understanding Sexual Misconduct Among Spiritual Leaders, and the new DVD, Call It Anything But Love!. As I stayed at the booth, Elgin went out to visit the other booths and informed them about THOS’ booth and pointed them to the direction where the booth was. Just about all the comments we received about THOS were very positive. Some of comments are listed at the end of this article. I must say, as we introduced THOS to the pastors in the Southern California Conference, as well as to the other ministry leaders who attended the meetings, this was a good “ice breaker” for THOS. I believe we handed out at least 150 of the brochures. Only one or two at the most rejected the brochure for their own reasons; God knows why. We also had an opportunity to share about THOS and the THOS’ brochures with the individuals we sat with during mealtime. The individuals we spoke with were very receptive. Many of them were very thankful to learn there is a ministry that deals with sexual misconduct among spiritual leaders and sexual abuse. They were very thankful there is a ministry that reaches out to the victims of sexual abuse to bring healing and restoration to them, as well as to their family. We thank God for the opportunity to share THOS with others and to let them know that there are resources to help victims who have been sexually abused, as well as to help the loved ones of those who have been abused.   

GYC—Generation of Youth for Christ 2010 

My observation at the beginning of our scheduled trip was that Satan did not want us to attend GYC. Our scheduled flight for Wednesday morning was canceled. The flight that we did take had delays en route to Baltimore, MD.     

When we finally arrived at our destination in Baltimore, MD—late in the evening due to our flight being delayed—two of my bags were missing. One of my bags contained my personal care items and the other bag contained the THOS’ DVDs that we planned on selling at GYC. We inquired about my missing bags and were told the airline was trying to locate them. We waited until after midnight at the airport, hoping my bags would arrive on another flight, but our wait was unsuccessful. However, we did get an opportunity to share the gospel with others at the airport. The airline informed us that, once the bags are located and arrive at the airport, they would deliver them to the hotel where we were staying.  

We praise the Lord the bags did eventually arrive at the Baltimore airport. They were sent to New York instead of Baltimore. The unfortunate part was that we did not receive the bags until just before sunset on Friday evening, so we missed the opportunity to sell the DVDs on Friday before sunset. Also, since our first flight was cancelled on Wednesday and our flight on Thursday was delayed, we missed selling the DVDs on those two days as well. We were only able to offer the DVDs on Saturday night after sunset. Despite the setbacks, we set up our booth Friday morning with only the THOS’ brochures, since the DVDs did not arrive until later that day. We immediately liked the location of our booth because it was across from the booth that displayed the Sanctuary model.    

We both agreed we would reach out to people who were walking by our booth. As they did, we stepped out to speak with them about THOS. Once again, we encountered a number of very positive responses from the individuals who had not heard of THOS before. Most of the comments were very supportive and encouraging about THOS Ministry. It was a blessing to have the opportunity to pray with some of the individuals who came by our booth. We prayed with them for various reasons. There were some people who made it a point to avoid the booth, which was their own choice. There were only a very small number of people who avoided the booth though. Like at WestPoint, Elgin visited a number of the other booths with THOS’ brochures in hand and passed them out. Just about all the booths that Elgin visited were thankful for being introduced to ministry that THOS offers. We believe that, despite not being able to sell as many of the DVDs as we would have liked, we made a very positive impact in introducing THOS to those who were not already aware of this ministry. We made some very important contacts with some of the lenders of GYC. They were very receptive and positive about THOS and are interested in learning more about the ministry and how THOS could be a resource for those who attend GYC conferences and the church as a whole.  

Here are some of the comments we received from people at WestPoint & GYC: 

“God bless you all and I will pray for THOS.”
“Really? I thought this was only in the Catholic Church!”
“I will read the brochure, and share.”
“Much needed these days!”
“Thank you, God,for this ministry!”
“Oh no!”
“Thank you all for your time and efforts.”
“We will pray for you all, thank you!”
“So glad you are reaching out to other denominations.”
“Thank you for having this in our language.”
“Glad to know the victims are offered help.” 

The Lord blessed us to meet many people from across the country and from other countries like Canada and Europe. This was a rich blessing and we are thankful for this opportunity.

The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart...Psalms 34:18