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Deception in the Pews Invitation by Samantha Nelson

Dear Friends,

I received the following email from Isabel Esteviz. She and her colleagues are looking to publish a book about abuse in the church called Deception in the Pews. I agreed that I would pass the information along in case any of you were interested in participating. If you are interested, please contact Isabel directly.

Thank you,
Samantha Nelson


My name is Isabel Esteviz. Myself along with my fellow co-authors, Sheila Downer and Robyn Williams, are writing a non-fictional empowerment book on healing from church-related abuses.

We are currently in the process of accepting story submissions from individuals who would be willing to share their church-related experiences of abuse. Would you be willing to share our Story Submission Guidelines with your audience? In return, we would gladly add The Hope of Survivors to our list of resources on our website (coming soon!). We are also offering a stipend for stories we select; details in the attached guidelines.

Please let me know your thoughts. I would be happy to have a call to go into detail about our project.

Below is my contact information along with a brief description of the book and the authors.

About the book
Deception is alive and well in today's churches. It is global, non-denominational and multicultural. No matter what your spiritual beliefs are, sheep are being led to slaughter. Faith has diminished and too many lives have been shattered by those eager to prey upon the unsuspecting. If you or anyone you know has ever been victimized by someone in church leadership, we would like to tell your story in the upcoming book, Deception in the Pews.

This ground breaking book explores the hidden dangers and sexual deviances that exists within churches worldwide. Deception in the Pews reveals the pain, anguish and despair felt by many who have suffered abuse at the hands of those who promised to shield them spiritually. Regardless of your spiritual affiliation, we want to hear your heartfelt stories to bring awareness to real-life issues of greed, immorality and abuse in the church. Help us give a voice to those who have been silenced.

About the authors
Sheila Taylor-Downer is a Certified Professional Life Coach. She founded Professional Prodigy, Inc. (PPI); a premier women's empowerment firm in January 1997. Sheila is a motivational speaker and inspirational author of four books. She received a Cambridge Who's Who and Manchester & Madison Who's Who among Executive and Professional Women award. Sheila is a member of National Association of Professional Women and currently serves as the CEO of Professional Prodigy LLC.

Robyn Williams is an author of three bestselling novels, Preconceived Notions, A Twist of Fate, and A Fool's Paradise. Because reading and writing is a strong passion of hers, Robyn founded The Bestow Foundation, a not-for-profit literacy organization dedicated to improving literacy skills of Chicago-area adults and families. Robyn also serves as Program Director for Operation Change | Chicago.

Isabel Esteviz is a former writer and video editor for WSVN in Miami. She is a pioneer for advocacy on behalf of the National Psoriasis Foundation leading many national initiatives for the foundation to raise awareness and capital. Isabel also participates in local Chicago programs such as Year Up and Back on My Feet where she serves as a mentor to young adults and has done contributing writing to raise awareness for these organizations..

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Isabel Esteviz
co-author Deception in the Pews
Ph. 219.218.2122

The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart...Psalms 34:18