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In The Spotlight!(From the April 2013 edition of HopeSpeak)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS)

Does the organization have a clergy sexual abuse policy in place? If yes, where can this policy be found (provide URL, mailing address if a copy must be requested, etc.)?
Here is some information on that topic:
go to > teachings > gospel topics,> A > abuse 

From the official Church Handbook 2: Administering the Church 

21.4.2 Abuse and Cruelty

The Church’s position is that abuse cannot be tolerated in any form. Those who abuse or are cruel to their spouses, children, other family members, or anyone else violate the laws of God and man. All members, especially parents and leaders, are encouraged to be alert and diligent and do all they can to protect children and others against abuse and neglect. Members who have abused others are subject to Church discipline.

If leaders or teachers become aware of instances of abuse, they should counsel with the bishop. Instructions for the bishop are provided in Handbook 1, 17.3.2.

How/where can victims or members of the congregation find out about the policy and proper procedures for reporting abuse? Is there a specific person or office to contact?
If the bishop is accused, then the Stake President (leader over the bishops in his area) would be contacted.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day SaintsDoes your organization’s policy include the abuse of vulnerable adults, as well as children?
Here are some other places you might find helpful.

Assistance is available to those who have been abused through LDS Family Services.

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