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In The Spotlight!(From the January 2013 edition of HopeSpeak)

Denomination: Seventh-day Adventist Church

Does the organization have a clergy sexual abuse policy in place? If yes, where can this policy be found (provide URL, mailing address if a copy must be requested, etc.)?
Yes, The organizationís child sexual abuse policy and resources can be found online at:

How/where can victims or members of the congregation find out about the policy and proper procedures for reporting abuse? Is there a specific person or office to contact?
The website mentioned above is a good place to start. Additionally, one can contact the Ministerial Association for a copy of the policy (in booklet format), Sexual Misconduct in Church Relationships. Incidents may be reported directly to the President or Ministerial Director at the local Conference in which the abuse took place.

Does your organization’s policy include the abuse of vulnerable adults, as well as children?
Yes. For abuse of vulnerable adults, contacting Adventist Risk Management ( is a good place to start, along with obtaining a copy of Sexual Misconduct in Church Relationships (see details above).

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After numerous attempts to contact the denomination with no official response, the information provided above was collected from the Internet at official denominational websites.

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