the Hope of Survivors

Kenya Division Update by Hephzibah Akunga & Samantha Nelson

Hephzibah sharing with pastors(From the July 2008 edition of HopeSpeak)

The following email excerpts (as written) were sent from Hephzibah Akunga, representative for The Hope of Survivors in Kenya, as she shares how she has been reaching out to help victims and educate church leadership. Please keep her in prayer, as the situation in Kenya is still volatile.

The German Medical Mission has nominated me to attend a workshop in Ghana from 16th to 26th May, 2008. Ghana is about 5 hours flight from Nairobi, Kenya. God is revealing some mission, I have yet to pray and understand. Last year the same nominated me to attend a workshop in my neighbouring country Uganda. The theme is how churches contribute to the community in the area of health. 

Thank you for the support group manual. God bless you for your quick responses. I am studying the manual page by page to guide me as I represent The Hope of Survivors. I am planning to give a short presentation as I travel to Ghana in our sister churches for I will spend 2 Sabbaths there with sister Hellen.

Please do send the Brochures and Books by Priority Mail to share especially with the Pastors over here so that by the time you plan to be in Kenya, they would have an idea of the project. Kenya was really hit in the recent past, many are willing but unable to support projects. I am still praying that the Lord touches a heart somewhere to see the need and urgency of The Hope of Survivors. Just this morning, I was reading some newspaper highlighting rape cases during the election crisis. Now many who were affected are trying to do abortions for the unwanted pregnancies.

Yesterday, our Union Director of Stewardship visited my office with his wife and daughter for some consultation. I had an opportunity to share with him the work of The Hope of Survivors. He was excited of the uniqueness. I promised him that in a few weeks, he will receive the brochures so that he can organise for me to meet their workers when they have a meeting. The same afternoon, another Pastor called me to facilitate in a Chaplaincy meeting, and I had an opportunity to share. Let’s keep praying for funds for you to come to Kenya, Africa. God is bringing back peace in most regions. Prepare some of your directors who can visit with you the time that God will allow possible. 

This morning I addressed the Central Nairobi Station Pastors, Central Kenya Conference, about 17 of them. They were really touched you know that they don’t know and they needed a training ‘yesterday’—I mean they are so eager and they requested that you have to start with them.

Unfortunately, they are not able to sponsor you come to Kenya. How I wish it was possible you came to Kenya before the ASI Convention in Florida so that you would have a view of what Africa needs. I just don’t know what I can do. I only wish you were there.

I thank God for revealing to you the needed ministry The Hope of Survivors. This morning, we had an opportunity to share with the Nairobi Station Pastors and a few workers. It was so fulfilling from the responses. We shared the brochures and appealed to them to plan in their churches and districts for workshops.

Once a clergy visited my family about prayer time, which was being conducted in my church. This is truly witnessed by myself. This man of God had invited a young lady whom he said he was trying to assist her to go for further studies. The girl had travelled from about 150 kms away.

I personally served them with a drink and invited them to our prayer meeting. The Pastor said he had something to discuss with the girl concerning her admission and she had to leave to her relatives before late. Just before I left my compound, I came back to pick some item I was to drop in church and guess what was happening? Mishandling of the poor young girl had just started! Guess what? After some years, this same Pastor was accused of having a child with another girl, and today he is not serving as a Pastor. This is a true illustration.

I am sure many are abused, but because of power, the poor victims have nothing to do.  Awareness will be a saving weapon and a way of repentance and revival for many who have been involved in such circumstances. For the African set-up, I am sure many are affected and choose to die with it.

Addressed my church on “Reaching the Hurting.” We have been meeting daily for the Women’s Emphasis week. 

Thank you, Hephzibah, for your diligence and determination. May God bless you as you continue to reach out to those in Kenya who need help and education.

Let us praise God for the work He’s doing through Hephzibah and The Hope of Survivors—Kenya to share truth and hope.
The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart...Psalms 34:18