the Hope of Survivors

Only a Few Days Left to Meet Our Goal! by Samantha Nelson

Dear Friends,

At $79,085 in donations to date (35% of our goal), we're getting closer to our year-end target goal of $225,000, but we're not close enough. There's only a few days left to meet this goal, which is critical if we are to function effectively and accomplish the mission plans for 2015, namely helping victims of clergy sexual abuse heal, and educating clergy and others for the purpose of preventing this dreadful form of abuse.

If you've already sent your donation, THANK YOU SO MUCH! If you haven't, please prayerfully consider making your donation online now or send a check to 843 Broadway, Sonoma, CA 95476. Your support is never wasted. Lives are saved, marriages are restored, relationships with our Creator are healed. This takes place one victim at a time, with a lot of tender, loving care on the part of our volunteers, and the essential aid of the Holy Spirit in the victim's heart.

No, we can't tell you we've built X number of churches or distributed X number packages of food to starving children or anything that is typically considered tangible. However, we can tell you that every day victims of clergy sexual abuse contact The Hope of Survivors for help. As many as 10,000-15,000 unique visitors arrive at the website monthly. Many tell us they were on the brink of suicide until they found the website. Some tell us reaching out for help was the scariest thing they've ever done, but they are glad they did it because The Hope of Survivors helped save their life and marriage. These things are not easily quantifiable, but they are no less significant. After all, what matters more than reconnecting people to their Savior and helping them recover from such devastation? Just listen to the difference made in victim's lives:

"The Hope of Survivors made a life-changing difference as I was coming to terms with the fact of my pastor's abuse, and then as I was recovering from it. THOS has helped so many victims like me; they have educated so many church communities; and who knows how many people they have helped through the valuable information on their website? I am proud to support their work with my donation."--CA

"Thank you for your incredibly hard work in helping victims of clergy sexual abuse. It is a ministry without a lot of support, yet so vital to the life of the church. We pray for God to open the eyes of the blind so clergy sexual abuse will be seen for what it truly is! God's blessings to you both."--NY

If you'll help us reach this goal, we will be able to hire staff, complete the necessary repairs and renovations at the Renewal Center, eliminate the current deficit due to underfunded projects and programs, and cover the planned projects and programs for 2015 (including several already scheduled speaking engagements, exhibits, in-house programs, and more). That's quite a lot to accomplish with so little, but that is how The Hope of Survivors has operated for the past 12 years—God makes much out of the little resources we have!

Thank you for partnering with The Hope of Survivors to help make 2015 a year that will enable victims to find hope once again!

With gratitude and blessings,
Samantha Nelson

The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart...Psalms 34:18