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The Hope of Survivors—South Africa Update—Bianca Wright

Bianca WrightDearest THOS Family & Friends,

It has been just over a month since I officially joined the team at THOS—and it has been a busy beginning for THOS-SA! I have been mainly focussing on the following two things: (1) building my team here in South Africa; and, (2) the necessary admin involved in getting us up and running. Praise be to God, there are currently three people who have committed to being a part of THOS-SA! They are busy filling out the necessary paperwork and equipping themselves to be Victim Support Representatives. I have also had the privilege of meeting another couple—who have experienced the devastation of CSA in their own lives and have recently launched a similar ministry—and we are talking about how we can work together to raise awareness for CSA as well to support victims, here in South Africa. I suspect that the need for this kind of ministry is even greater than I anticipate because of the staunchly patriarchal culture in which we live. I am not worried though, because I trust that God knows this and will equip and lead us accordingly!

Other fantastic news is that Helderberg College, the Seventh-day Adventist Seminary that trains all of the pastors that go into the field here in South Africa (plus a few from neighbouring countries), has agreed to include our training in their Pastoral Counselling module and has invited us to speak at one of their weekly theological forums. I am beyond excited about this and have cried many happy tears as I have witnessed the Lord opening doors for THOS-SA!

These are our prayer needs at the moment:

1. That my box of resources that Samantha posted over a month ago arrives safely. Our postal system is notoriously bad and I would hate to have that box go missing! It was expensive to post and I need it in order to start working-on the content for the Pastoral Counselling module.

2. That God will bless us with good rates as we look into registering our NGO and printing Reaching The Hurting locally.

3. That God will either take away my fear of public speaking or supply THOS-SA with someone who is able (and willing!) to teach and train.

4. That God will draw especially near to all of the survivors of CSA that I am currently walking alongside.

5. That I will, at all times, remain dependant on God for everything that this ministry requires.

Please keep us in your prayers!

In His service,
Bianca Wright
VP, Victim Support Services, South African Division

The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart...Psalms 34:18