the Hope of Survivors

Letter from the Vice President—Samantha Nelson

(From the October 2015 edition of HopeSpeak)

Dear Hope of Survivors Family, 

HavHealing Congregations 2015ing just returned from a symposium on Congregational Healing (after clergy sexual abuse) hosted at Lancaster Theological Seminary, and facilitated by Dr. Darryl Stephens, we are encouraged about the future. There was a full team of about 20 people (not all pictured) all considered experts and pioneers in the field. It was truly a privilege and honor to be there. Everyone was motivated by meeting and collaborating with others who are committed to the work of prevention, education and healing. The consensus, however, is that we all have much more work to do to make congregations safe and healthy for all.

I pray you will join us in this effort. It takes all of us doing something to make a lasting change. The work is far too great for just the handful of us who met; too great for just a few organizations like The Hope of Survivors, FaithTrust Institute, Samaritan SafeChurch and others to handle.

I challenge you to prayerfully consider how you can get involved in making churches a safe place, helping victims heal and thrive, and educating clergy to facilitate prevention. If you don't know what the options are, or what may best suit you, please ask. The Hope of Survivors always needs volunteers in different areas, donors, people willing to raise awareness and much more.

Thank you for your consideration.

God bless you,
Samantha Nelson
Vice President & CEO

The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart...Psalms 34:18