the Hope of Survivors

The Heart of the Matter—Martin Weber, D.Min., Board Member

Christmas GivingDear Friends,

The heart of the Christmas story is not shepherds or wise men, but a woman in crisis. Yet Mary is rejected by a good man who doubts her integrity and wants her out of his life. She finds refuge with a compassionate loved one, who opens her home and her heart. Ultimately, God turns a difficult situation into good tidings of great joy.

Many reading this also have suffered circumstances they never intended, being blamed and rejected by important people in their lives who once loved and trusted them. Victims of clergy sexual abuse not only lose a trusted leader and counselor, but also their spiritual/emotional support group--even dearest friends. Like Mary, they need someplace to flee to.

For thousands of such victims, that place of refuge has been The Hope of Survivors. We hear it all the time--when nobody seems to understand what happened to you, THOS does. We walk with you through the valley of the shadow and guide you into God's green pasture of healing and resolution.

And The Hope of Survivors serves without charge to victims. Who funds our operating expenses? Let's go back to the Christmas story.

Wise men from the East followed God's star to Bethlehem. When they came to Jesus, they rejoiced at the sight of Immanuel--God with us. In their joy of heaven's gift, they opened their hearts to give. Their generosity sustained Mary, Joseph and their Baby through tough times to come.

And that's where you who are reading this can come into the picture. Has God placed in your hands the means, large or small, that you can share with The Hope of Survivors this Christmas season?

THOS operates on sacrificial love, mostly by volunteers. Yet our ministry initiatives for 2019 require funding. Can you help us?

Speaking personally, as a hospice chaplain, I earn less than half of what I did previously. So I don't have much to support THOS financially--but every month I give something. Will you join me with whatever you can do this Christmas season?

Victims of clergy sexual abuse often experience financial loss along with their spiritual/emotional devastation. For THOS to provide Hope & Healing seminar weekends for them in 2019--or any other ministry initiative--funding comes from caring people with giving hearts. Like you!

And so, we welcome you to carry our ministry through the new year by responding today. And we thank you as well!

Martin Weber, DMin
Board member of The Hope of Survivors

The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart...Psalms 34:18