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(From the October 2010 edition of HopeSpeak)

We have a lot of good news to share with you, so please review the following announcements carefully.

Conference Location Survey Results—We Asked. You Answered!

1. The Hope of Survivors is planning a large annual conference for victims. There have been requests for several locations. We want to know...where would YOU like to attend the annual Hope & Healing conference for victims of pastoral sexual abuse? (This was a close race, as initially Hawaii was in second place, but New York caught up!)

Indianapolis, IN 29.3%
Long Island, NY 23.2%
Jacksonville, FL 17.1%
Sacramento, CA 13.4%
Honolulu, HI 11%
Lincoln, NE 6.1%

2. The Hope of Survivors is currently considering using web technology to host a Hope & Healing conference for victims of pastoral sexual abuse via webcam. A “webinar,” in other words. Would you be interested in participating in a webinar conference? (We are currently researching software options and pricing. If affordable, The Hope of Survivors will implement webinar service.)

Yes 65.9%
No 11%
I don’t know. 23.2%

3. The Hope of Survivors has provided conferences for victims of pastoral sexual abuse free of charge (except for meal costs) in the past. In order to help offset the organization’s expenses, would you be willing to pay a fee to attend a Hope & Healing conference?

Yes 72%
No 4.9%
Maybe 23.2%

4. If you answered “yes” and would be willing to pay a fee to attend a Hope & Healing conference, how much would you be willing to pay (not including your personal meals, travel and lodging expenses)? (This result was rather enlightnening and disappointing, as most conference registrations generally cost much more than $50, and the value received at a Hope & Healing conference is typically immeasurable according to most victims.)

$50 65.9%
$100 25.6%
$200 8.5%

Thank you to those who responded to the survey. We will utilize this information, taking it into consideration, as we plan and prepare for future victim’s conferences in the United States. For those of you in other countries, please don’t feel left out—you will soon be able to participate in selecting a country of your choice for a future Hope & Healing conference location.

New Volunteers

In answer to our prayer for the Lord to “send forth laborers,” we’d like to introduce you to the latest additions to The Hope of Survivors. For more information about any of them, please visit the About Us page of the website.

Ardis Stenbakken joined the board of directors in August. She is the former Women’s Ministries Director for the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and, under her leadership, the Church voted to implement and observe the yearly Abuse Prevention Emphasis Day—something Steve and Samantha have been actively involved in since 2002. Ardis’ expertise and compassion for hurting women are a great asset to The Hope of Survivors.

Kashae Ferguson and Gail W. Jenkins joined The Hope of Survivors in July and August, respectively. They will be working as Victim Support Service volunteers, providing emotional and biblical support to victims of pastoral sexual abuse. They will also be actively involved in exhibiting on behalf of the organization at various functions.

Annette Anderson joined the ministry in August to help with public relations and marketing. The necessity of raising awareness of the escalating problem of pastoral sexual abuse is critical, as is the need to let victims know The Hope of Survivors is there for them.

Welcome to each of you, and may the Lord work through you as you work with The Hope of Survivors to bless others.

The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart...Psalms 34:18