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This section contains resources available for purchase to share with your church or to help educate others about clergy sexual abuse and misconduct. To order items in Spanish, please click here.

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Call It Anything But Love!—The Steve & Samantha Nelson Story

Call It Anything But Love! is a true story of a couple’s struggles and challenges as they overcome their painful pasts to find themselves in a spider’s web of lies, deceit, adultery and abuse—at the hands of their pastor.

I was deeply touched by the video... So many like us will be able to connect and relate. My heart ached deeply with yours in hearing the darkest and most painful periods of your life when you were faced with so much doubt and feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness.”—Survivor, Hawaii

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DVD: Call It Anything But Love!—The Steve & Samantha Nelson Story

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Innocence Stolen, Trust Betrayed Innocence Stolen, Trust Betrayed is the story of a young teenage girl whose life was turned upside down by a charismatic youth pastor who took advantage of his position and the trust placed in him to sexually abuse her. Her story is unimaginable and heartbreaking, yet there is hope in the end.  

Sandy Kirkham is one of the most courageous women you will ever meet. In sharing her true story we begin to see how profoundly damaging it is to be betrayed by your spiritual mentor at such a young age, and how long the road can be to trust again.”—Martin Doblmeier, Award-winning filmmaker, Journey Films

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DVD: Innocence Stolen, Trust Betrayed—The Sandy Phillips Kirkham Story


Betrayed Trust, Hidden Secrets Betrayed Trust, Hidden Secrets is the true story of a young man's struggle to move beyond his painful past of sexual abuse, manipulation and betrayal at the hands of a trusted elder, mentor and "fatherly" friend.

"This documentary shares from a male perspective what happens when a church leader abuses their position and sets in motion a whole life-chain of events in the life of another person. With great personal transparency, the story is told that enables you to see the damage done that is often unseen, and the healing ministry of The Hope of Survivors."—Ray Hartwell, Stewardship Director, Georgia Cumberland Conference

DVD:Betrayed Trust, Hidden Secrets—Ted's Story


Understanding Sexual Misconduct Among Spiritual Leaders

Ever wonder what is really happening to you or someone you know? Are you trying to decide how to help someone who has been abused by a pastor? Or wanting to know how the church should address the issue? This booklet provides information for victims, spouses, youth, pastors and wives, church leaders and congregants, and an overview of the issue of pastoral sexual misconduct. It is a must for those who need answers and help! Preview booklet!

THOS Booklet: Understanding Sexual Misconduct Among Spiritual Leaders
(8.5x5.5, 20 pages)
ISBN: 978-0-9893315-0-0


Reaching the Hurting: A Biblical Guide for Helping Abuse Victims

Reaching the Hurting is a biblical guide for helping abuse victims or walking through your own healing journey. In this book, you will find hope, real answers and healing. This book has been used at women's Bible study groups, support groups and by individuals who seek healing in their own lives or who desire to help others heal from the devastating wounds of abuse.

What readers are saying about Reaching the Hurting:

"It's hard to put this book you wrote down! Excellent writing. LOVE the questions that are very thought provoking and healing at the end of each chapter. Wonderful idea."—WY

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BOOK: Reaching the Hurting: A Biblical Guide for Helping Abuse Victims
ISBN: 978-0-9893315-1-7
Soft-Touch Paperback, 112 pages


THOS Support Group Manual

Do you like to lead small groups? Do you have a heart for sharing the pain of others? Have you ever wanted to be involved helping victims of clergy sexual abuse? The Hope of Survivors has just released a new resource—THOS Support Group Manual. This manual provides step-by-step instructions and guidelines for becoming a THOS Support Group Facilitator in your area.

Please Note: The purchase of THOS Support Group Manual does not automatically grant you permission to begin THOS Support Groups in your area. You must comply with the guidelines in the Manual and submit to a background check and review process before being approved as an official THOS Support Group Facilitator.

THOS Support Group Manual
(Full-size Binder)
$39.95 ***New Price!***

Enough IS Enough

Show your support for Clergy Sexual Abuse Awareness & Prevention DayTM by proudly wearing one of these tastefully designed buttons! Sold by the package so you can share with your friends.

Enough IS Enough Awareness Button
(10 buttons per package; button size is 1.75 inches)
$5.95 per package

The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart...Psalms 34:18