the Hope of Survivors

God, Are You There? by Gie Moskito

A victim's cry…

God, oh God! Are you there?
Why this pain, I can hardly bear?
Why allow my heart to be torn this way?
Sorrow so deep, my soul groans all day!
I was only an innocent child,
Danger ahead, I was so blind!
Never did I realize, a wolf in sheep’s clothing awaits behind,
Who would ever think a dastard deed was on his mind?
Not only did he take my innocence away,
My purity too he robbed, I’m never the same!
Everyday, it’s a struggle to find a reason to live,
In myself, I no longer believe.
Shame, fear, emptiness, oh I'm feeling within.
Is there still any hope left for me?
I couldn’t go back to being the person I was,
Now, life seems left hanging in the balance!
Oh, justice and mercy, I can’t seem to reconcile,
How the wicked remain scot-free with a crime so vile?
Where were You, Lord, when all these were happening?
Do you even hear a helpless child’s desperate pleading?
There’s a huge hallow, no one could fill,
My soul already forgot how to be still.
At times my mind was darkened by sorrow,
Sometimes, at night, memories assault me with horror!
Despair visits without invitation,
Tears flow without hesitation.
Each new day suddenly meant lonely, chilly walks,
On the broken road I go dragging my toes,
Dark caverns of anguish covers my soul,
Oh, how dire and dreary is this void!
There’s a longing to return to the innocence of my childhood,
There’s a yearning to believe that God is indeed good!
Oh, God, are You there?
Are. You. Really. There?
Do you even care,
To hear my prayer?
I heard, you can make one’s life brand new.
What about these resentments, can you remove them too?
Oh, can You restore what has been torn apart?
Oh, can You comfort this awful ache in my heart?
Can you replace all parts of me which were harassed?
Can I be truly made whole again if I surrender to you, oh, God?

GOD responds…

My child, My child, here I AM,
Your woes I heard, I feel your pain!
Rest in the truth that I love you,
Believe that I AM for you not against you!
I have loved you with an everlasting love,
A promise spoken with surety from Above!
You are known by Me since you were little,
Don’t you know that I see and know every detail?
Really, no reason for you to be rattled,
Coz, I were & AM always there in every battle!
I know, not everything I allow and do,
Will always look and feel good for you.
Remember, you are the apple of My eye,
As you are mine, so vengeance is Mine,
What pierces your soul, pierces My heart,
So, on yourself, please don’t be so harsh!
I say, “Trust. Trust my wisdom, My child.”
Never think, the wicked can escape & hide.
Justice will be yours in due time,
It might or might not be in this lifetime,
Sin corrupted the blissful perfect world I made,
Evil has gained power hurtling men til they're insane.
Nevertheless, I am making everything new,
A fresh robe of righteousness, I AM clothing you.
A resilient spirit I AM reviving,
A heart similar to Mine, I AM giving.
What has been taken away, I will replace,
What has been trampled, I will re-create!
What’s making you sick, I will heal,
Know that I AM God, just be still!
Behold, I AM doing a new thing,
Do you not see or understand it?
To the former things of the past, look back no more,
Neither consider the same old paths & perilous doors.
Through roadblocks, mountains, desserts and barren lands,
I will make a way—witness the workings of My mighty Hand!
I honour those who honour Me,
I curse those who curse Me.
Hand me your hurts coz I am not wasting them,
Your mournings I can turn into dancing again!
Oh, there’s beauty for ashes—is there anything too hard for Me?
No! Coz all things are possible if you'll just believe and see.
You might be wondering if the sufferings will ever stop,
If light will ever dawn again to a hardship-stricken heart,
Beloved, it was never My intention to harm you,
My sole plan is to fill you with hope & a bright future!
Do not be afraid for I AM with you always,
Allow me to wipe all your fears and tears away!
Rest in the assurance that You are mine and I AM yours forever,
Created in My image, reedemed by My blood—nothing can sever!
But I can only do all these if you will allow Me,
Have faith, go and look forward to what can be.
My child, to answer your questions oh so many,
Yes, I AM here, lavishly imparting My salvation so free!

Written 10.21.17

The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart...Psalms 34:18