the Hope of Survivors

How Long? (1 Sam 2:22; Jer 7:4:  8/27/2016) by Ray McAllister

How long
Will the leaders of the faith
In their holy position
Have their way
In every way
With all the women of the land? 
How long
Will those entrusted
With the souls of so many people
Take the things
Most sacredly devoted to God
And use them
For any whim
And pleasure
And vice?
How long
Will those with highest power
At most
A small rebuke
But nothing
That will truly honor
The suffering
And confusion
By so great a multitude of innocent lambs
Led to such a strange slaughter?
How long will we say
The Temple of the Lord
The Temple of the Lord
The Temple of the Lord”
As we are so confident
That God would not judge
A people so blessed by His favor?
How long
Must we live
In desolation after desolation
With the Spirit of God cast far away
As He is not wanted here?
How long
Before we learn
To hate sin as much as God does
So we can seek only
The rrighteousness and love
He freely offers?
In such moment of perfect humility
We all


If you are a survivor of pastoral abuse, we would love to hear your story and possibly make it available on this web site for others to read and renew their hope. You can use a pseudonym if you choose and rest assured that all personal information will be kept private and strictly confidential. Please contact us.

Please note: We do not necessarily agree with or endorse all the information contained in the survivor’s stories. We do, however, feel they have some valuable information that could be useful to you in your recovery. It helps to know you’re not alone, that others have shared your pain and have healed, by the grace of God, in their own time and way.

The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart...Psalms 34:18